Trent Hatchery Road House Fire Relief Fundraiser
On Friday April 20, 2023 a house fire on Trent Hatchery Road in Appomattox left the home owners with a seriously damaged and uninhabitable home. The Appomattox Community & Disaster Relief Organization is assisting the family as well as raising donations to help with their loss. You can get more information and donate on our dedicated relief page.

Appomattox Sheriff Office K9 Fundraiser
The ACDR is fundraising for the Appomattox Sheriff’s Department’s equipment for the two new K9s! Getting the K9s approved mid-budget is rough because money is short and they need kennels to protect them from the elements when they’re not on patrol, and when they are on patrol, they need cages for the patrol cars. The officers who are lucky enough to be assigned to these K9s, also need equipment & supplies for themselves and their new partners. The ACDR can only do so much to help, so we need your help, as well as corporate sponsors and small businesses to take an interest in this. We have set up a dedicated donation site.

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Supporting our first responders in disasters and other emergencies
through emergency field hospitals, first aid, search and rescue
services and more.

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