Press Release – 8 November 2022

Press Release – 8 November 2022




On Monday, November 7th, a personal disaster struck an Appomattox family at 957 Old Bethany Rd, when their house caught fire and was extensively damaged. The family of four adults and one child were able to get out of the house to safety but they lost many of their personal items in the fire. Donations of men’s and women’s clothing are needed to help them get back on their feet. The child, who is also disabled, is also in need of clothing donations. Anyone looking to donate clothing and personal care items can contact the Appomattox Community & Disaster Relief (ACDR) for pick-ups. We are also working to resurrect our collection, drop off locations from our prior drive and those locations will be announced as soon as they are available.

After receiving word about this tragedy, the ACDR made contact with the family to present them with a $1000 donation towards assisting them immediately in their time of need, and assured the family that we will be providing a conduit to local citizens and organizations wishing to donate clothing, food, beds, sofas, and other means of material support.

Due to the number of home fires last winter, the ACDR decided to begin collecting donations to provide assistance to the families suffering from such personal tragedies. We are always looking for donations. These donations will be used strictly in support of Appomattox citizens in need. Any donations received that are not utilized by this family will be held for the next residents we serve, including monetary donations. Check us out on Facebook Appomattox Community & Disaster Relief (@ApX.ACDR), or on our new web page at

The Appomattox Community & Disaster Relief organization is a non-profit organization registered with the IRS and the Commonwealth of VA, and is a member of the Appomattox Chamber of Commerce. The ACDR’s mission is to provide the Appomattox community support through food, clothing and toy drives for those in need. It also takes on the responsibility of preparing for, responding to, and recovering from, emergencies and natural disasters that may affect the County. The ACDR is considered as the Red Cross and FEMA rolled up into one group that can quickly respond locally. For more information please check out the Facebook page and web site for our next meeting information.

Provided by: Tom Adams

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