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The following services are offered by the Appomattox Community & Disaster Relief organization. Some of these services are only provided in cooperation with our local and national agencies including law enforcement, office of emergency management, department of transportation and other agencies. Some services are available to the community at large when we are made aware of the need. To request a service or alert us of a need within our community, please use the Services Request Form below.

Disaster & Emergency Relief/Community Support Services

We offer assistance to local and state law enforcement and emergency management agencies, as well as national disaster relief agencies such as the Red Cross and FEMA during times of natural disaster or states of emergency. We also offer assistance to members of our community who have been affected by disasters or live in rural parts of the area that are not immediately served by these agencies.

We provide these services in partnership with our sister organization, the Appomattox County Militia, whose members are gathering the equipment and manpower needed to provide our community with horse-mounted search & rescue teams, drones for search and rescue operations and reconnaissance, construction/engineering services with heavy equipment, trained medical providers with a field hospital setup, scuba divers and boats for search/rescue/recovery on our lakes and rivers, as well as emergency radio communications to coordinate all the efforts being put forth.

Examples of emergency services which we provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Emergency Transportation Services
  • Road Clearing and Traffic Control
  • Search & Rescue Service
  • Land Clearing/Earth Moving
  • Firefighting Support Services
  • Emergency Communications Support
  • Emergency Shelter Construction
  • Looter Deterrence and Security Services
  • And more…

    If you are in need of emergency services following a natural disaster or other emergency event, please use the form below to send a request to our staff. Please include a detailed description of your needs as we prioritize cases based on need level and staff/resource availability.

    Community Education

    With a goal of educating our community in life-saving measures, as well as preparedness for any natural, or unnatural disaster, as well as various emergency circumstances, the Appomattox Community & Disaster Relief organization will be providing various educational programs. We will make these programs available as in person presentations from experts in the various fields, online materials, and online courses, in person certification classes and other various presentations. Most of our educational materials are provided as free resources to our community, other materials such as certification courses, or online classes may have a nominal fee attached to them, for the purposes of paying incurred fees, including development, materials, and licensing fees where applicable.

    Examples of our planned training and education events include, but are not limited to:

    • First Aid and CPR Certification
    • Food Storage and Preservation
    • Sustainable Farming
    • Basic Survival Training
    • Wilderness Survival Training
    • Disaster & Emergency Preparedness
    • Emergency Communications Planning
    • And more…

    Be sure to check our Events Page often to see if there are any new classes available. Events and online resources will also be published on in our Blog.

    Emergency First Aid

    The Appomattox Community & Disaster Relief organization has many volunteers who are in medical services, including EMT’s and nurses. Those volunteers help in administering emergency medical services. In partnership with local agencies and first responders, we will provide emergency first aid services, emergency medical transportation, field hospital setup, warming and cooling center setup and more.

    These emergency medical services are deployed only in times of disaster and emergency response, and in cooperation with local emergency response agencies. We are not a replacement for your local EMT/Rescue Squad. If you have a medical emergency please call 911 to reach our local Appomattox County first responders.

    Community Outreach & Assistance

    The core of our charitable acts is our community outreach and assistance programs, which directly impacts the lives of those in our community. We strive to provide assistance to those in our community that are in immediate need, including emergency housing assistance, emergency utility assistance, food and clothing assistance, help in getting to necessary medial appointments, help with safe living conditions and more.

    We also work with our local agencies, including the Appomattox County Sheriff’s office to provide assistance with such things as parking direction and control and crowd control at local events, as well as providing first aid and cooling stations at public events to service minor medical concerns. We also assist local agencies in finding lost individuals at events, and offer a lost and found service for lost items at our information tent.

    In times of severe weather our volunteers answer the call to assist in clearing vegetation and debris from our county roadways and assist in ensuring that our roads are safe for travel. We also provide emergency communications services through our network of trained and licensed radio operators, allowing for communication even in power outages or instances of cell service loss.

    Request Services from Appomattox Community & Disaster Relief

    If you or someone you know of needs emergency assistance that can be aided by the Appomattox Community & Disaster Relief organization, please fill out the form below completely. We will contact you for more information and to evaluate what our organization can do to help. 

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